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Baoji Ruitong Energy technology Co.,Ltd. is a long-term focus on oil underground tools research enterprises. The company was established in May 2018. Its predecessor was Baoji Ruitong Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.. Underground Tool R&D Center. Baoji Ruitong Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.. Underground Tool R&D Center was established in 2004. For many years, we have been dedicated to solving the special needs of oil field users, solving practical problems on the site for oil field users, and helping users get rid of various difficulties. In cooperation with the oil field users, after understanding the existing construction technology on the site, we put forward a more optimized solution and combined with the optimized plan design to meet the needs of the construction tools, which saved the user more than 1/2 of the construction time. The time saved is not only an issue of efficiency for users, but also a significant economic cost savings. More importantly, while reducing the construction time, it also greatly reduces the safety cost.
Baoji Ruitong Energy Technology Co. Ltd. has a group of powerful technology research and development team, can provide users with practical problems in the field process improvement of various solutions; At the same time, it has advanced production and processing equipment, which can not only guarantee the reliable and stable quality of the product, but also achieve the processing requirements of special structures.
Our aim is: to use our strength, customized products to meet the special needs of users.
Our products are: using our ability to transform the wisdom crystal to meet the actual needs of users.
Our service is: with our team, practice innovation to achieve user value requirements.