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When the guarantee is in progress! In 2019, the total gas injection of the PetroChina Dagang gas storage group exceeded 1 billion square meters.

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As of 8:00 on June 12, China Petroleum Dagang Oilfield Gas Storage Group has injected a total of 1.06 billion cubic meters of gas this year, completing 57% of the gas injection plan, preparing for the supply of natural gas protection this winter and spring.

The Dagang Oilfield gas storage group consists of nine gas storages, including Dazhangyu, Banzhongbei and Banzhongnan. It is the main source of seasonal peaking in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and its working gas volume and peaking capacity rank first in the country. On March 20 this year, the 876 gas storage bank of the Dagang Oilfield Gas Storage Group started to inject gas, one week ahead of schedule. On March 28th, nine gas storages were fully put into gas production.
In order to ensure the smooth operation of gas injection production, the gas storage of Dagang Oilfield can flexibly cope with the impact of high temperature on gas injection while timely carrying out maintenance and maintenance of the unit and ensuring the gas injection unit is in good condition. According to the temperature change, the unit speed is reduced during the day, the unit speed is increased at night, the unit operating load is reduced, and the unit can be shut down for 5 to 8 hours per day due to high temperature shutdown. In addition, comprehensive inspections were carried out, and the frequency of patrol inspections was intensified. In the event of a failure of the unit, timely processing and recovery ensured the smooth operation of the gas injection work.